import nrrd segmentation

Hallo i’m new user and i have a problem in importing volume segmentation of lung lesions
Exactly i’ve segmented and saved the leasions (the 4 files ) but i cannot reload them into slicer for editing them
how can i do it

Based on the new description it is not obvious to me what the problem is exactly.

  • What Slicer version do you use?
  • How did you segment the lesion? Using Segment Editor?
  • How did you save it?
  • How are you trying to load it?

For reference, my answer in the thread this question originally appeared:

Import: drag&drop nrrd on Slicer, and in the popup window, choose Segmentation in the Description column.

Export: if you want to export the segmentation as a single nrrd file (all segments in the same file, which means overlapping segments are not permitted), then you can export the segmentation into a labelmap in the Segmentations module or in the Data module by right-clicking the segmentation, then click the Save button and save the labelmap as an nrrd.

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