Eigenvectors and eigenvalues

I need to extract values and distributions of eigenvalues and eigenvectors to import them in another software, and direction of eigenvectors.
In “Diffusion Tensor Scalar Maps” I can plot the eigenvalues and in the “Volume->Color Orientation” I can plot the gluph eigenvectors.
In both case, I can see the values only if I put the mouse on the image but I cannot export or see the distribution of values as in other software (as Comsol).

What should I do?

Operating system: windows 10
Slicer version: 4.10.0
Expected behavior: values, distributions, directions
Actual behavior: I see the distribution only

Hi. What is your use case or goal?

You can export the entire computed DTI volume in nrrd format. This happens when you use the Save button or menu item to save the scene. Then if you are a programmer you can access the tensors in any way you would like.

SlicerDMRI is designed for typical use cases for medical imaging, so it’s easy to quantify things like mean FA within a region, or the mean of the maximum eigenvalue within a region for example. If you want to measure the mean and standard deviation of these numbers within a given region, that’s possible.