Duplication of Segmentation node on crash

I’m not sure exactly how this happened, but it likely involved a crash at some point. I noticed I had excessive memory usage upon loading a project, and when I looked at the Data module, I found that I had two identical Segmentation nodes. Somewhere along the line, one of them was duplicated and I unknowingly saved it, at which point it was reloaded.

The really disconcerting thing about it is that there were TWO segmentation nodes with the exact same name, and in the Save dialog, they have the exact same filename, so I suspect one could overwrite the other.

I will work to find a sequence of events to replicate this, but can anyone think of an instance where a Segmentation node might get duplicated?

Thanks, and sorry for the vague nature of the report.


Oh, this is with nightly 12/3 on MacOS. Although I suspect the crash occurred with a nightly from perhaps a week or two ago - I update about every 5-10 days.