Saving creates multiple copies of files

As I am segmenting, I save my work. I accept all the defaults offered in the save dialogs. When I look in the directory I see that it has saved everything but it creates additional copies of the items saved, more with each save operation: for instance:

Segmentation preview-label_ColorTable_1_3.ctbl
Segmentation preview-label_ColorTable_1_2_1.ctbl
Segmentation preview-label_ColorTable_1_1_2.ctbl
Segmentation preview-label_ColorTable_1_1_1_1.ctbl

The original radiology volumes (*.nrrd) are only saved once thankfully, but if I close Slicer, and load the directory data, multiple copies of everything are loaded. I have to spend a lot of time pruning the extras to arrive at the situation I was when I saved.

Also it appears that Slicer saves things that have been long deleted, and in duplicate. Then when I load, there they are again. For example:

… etc

When I go to the data module, and look at my data after I have pruned it and I am happy, it looks good under the “subject Hierarchy tab”, I only have one item of each thing. But when I look under “All Nodes”, there is a long list of items with the same kind of repetitive duplicates that are saved to the directory.

What am I doing wrong ? How should I be saving and loading so this doesn’t happen ?

Thank you for your help and care.


It seems that you used an effect that has preview function (Grow from seeds, Fill between slices, etc) and forgot to click Apply when you are done.

If you are still getting new segmentation previews and then please send us the application log (menu: Help/Report a bug).

Hi there,
we have the same problem as Andres with the multiple copies after saving, but we always hit apply when doing fill between slices. Now the file has become so large to load that it makes working unreasonable.
Any other suggestions?
Can we delete these useless additional copies permanently somehow?
And is there a way we can save without adding more copies?
Thanks a lot!

If you save the scene while “Fill between slices” is active then the preview segmentation is saved. When you click “Apply” then the preview segmentation is removed from the scene, but previously saved files are not removed. You can choose anytime to save all nodes into an empty folder and that folder will not contain any unused files.

If you think that something different is happening on your computer then send a few screenshot of the “Save data” window and files on your system.