DVH segmentation

Hey everyone,
I am conducting a study about selective intraarterial radiation therapy (SIRT) in HCC.
I used Simplicity software (Boston) for segmenting Liver, tumor, perfused volume and normal liver tissue. The isodose curves were created, and the only exportable form is .CSV files.
Is it possible to make the imported dose curves from the DHV .CSV files in 3D sliver, and register them on the already segmented liver and tumor label maps?
Thanks for your help

You can compute and compare dose volume histograms in Slicer, using SlicerRT extension.

I imported the segmentation. But, when importing DHV .csv files, I can’t make further steps.
Here is an exemple

Thanks for helping me

I was assuming that you meant DVH (dose volume histogram) and DHV was just a typo, but you keep consistently using the DHV acronym. Could you explain what you mean by DHV?

Indeed, I meant the dose volume histogram (DVH).
The only exportable data form is csv file on Simplicity (Boston Scientific), or graph form.

DVH computation is fairly straightforward. You don’t need to import it from an external software but you can directly compute it in Slicer.

Does it work with Yottrium 90 PET/CT or PET/MRI exams?

Yes, it does not matter what imaging modality you used for creating your segmentation (structure sets) - CT, CBCT, MRI, 3D ultrasound, etc.; and any 3D dose map can be used as input.

Which is the appropriate form to export these doses from Simplicity 90Y software (Boston scientific)?

Probably the best is to export it as DICOM (RTDOSE) file, because that contains all necessary metadata to interpret the voxel values.