Easier sharing of projectweek website links

Direct link to page section

Sharing of direct link to specific section on the project week site has been improved.

As illustrated below, we fixed the site sources to ensure the “anchor” link is displayed again. For more details, see NA-MIC/ProjectWeek@0a5951ae

Setup of projectweek.na-mic.org

Shortly we will setup new redirection allowing to more easily directly type the URL.

Note that using https://na-mic.github.io/ProjectWeek will still work.

Thanks for working on this. Anchor links are really nice. However, http://projectweek.na-mic.org link takes me to the Slicer issue tracker.

By “Shortly”, I meant that @freephile and @mhalle may be able to update the DNS records next week.

https://projectweek.na-mic.org is now working as expected.

Thanks @mhalle and @freephile

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