Echograph for 3d model

Hi guys, What are the most known brands of ecographic equipment to obtain the 3D model? I tried with logiq s7 expert and ecube alpinion and I do not have satisfactory results, I only get 1 dcm file and I can not create 3D.

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Making 3D models from ultrasound is a complex topic. The SlicerHeart extension has some support for natively 3D probes from Philips but most ultrasound is collected as a freehand set of frames with no tracking. Unless you have coherent 3D data Slicer won’t be much help.

There are a number of machines that can acquire 3D volumes but usually the problem is to retrieve the images from the device (usually proprietary file format is used) - see SlicerHeart extension for a few available converters, as suggested above.

If the subject is not moving then you can attach a position tracker to the regular 2D probe and reconstruct a volume from the acquired slices. See SlicerIGT and Plus toolkit volume reconstruction examples.

What would you like to take a 3D image of?

Hello and thank you all for responding, I want to print a baby of 25 weeks, after testing with more than 20 files, the only one that worked for me is the .vol format with the HeartSlicer extension, I have to continue working on the process but I think that initially is a success, I still have to learn how to do the reconstruction and fill some holes, it would be incredible to reconstruct part of the head, at this moment it is only a mask.!