Edit/Application Settings/Modules/Restore defaults

Hello, I tryed to customize the initial menu, and I would like to restore defaluts and there is not work. I unninstall program, delete Temp…and allways shows my customized menu. I don’t know what to do to solve the problem.

Could you describe what did you do exactly?
You may need to delete your application settings files (Slicer.ini and/or Slicer-NNN.ini).

Good morning Andras,

Finally I select all checkbox manually and the problem is solved. My be usefull to improve a new “select all” checkbox.

I see for example that the “Crop Volume” checkbox is not able to select alone. What other menus are required to select to allow “Crop Volume” module?

Thank you very much


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Deselecting modules is an advanced feature and it is expected that you know the modules that you disable and what the consequences are.

Many modules depend on other modules. For example Crop Volume module depends on Volumes and ResampleScalarVectorDWIVolume modules. You can get that information by typing this into the Python console: slicer.modules.cropvolume.dependencies