Ignore modules at startup

Hi all,

I want to disable some modules when starting 3DSlicer.
I know I can select all specific modules in Edit>Application Settings but I would like to know if there is any easier way to disable a list of modules.
It is working starting 3DSlicer with command line such as “Slicer.exe -modules-to-ignore Welcome,Data,Cameras,AtlasTests,Colors,Charting,WebEngine…” but all these settings are not preserved if I restart the software without command line.

How can I do ?


Edit/Application Settings is just a visual editor for your Slicer-NNNNN.ini file. You can edit the file directly with a text editor.

Alternatively, you can simply delete those module files (.dll or .py file) that you don’t need. Note that there are dependencies between modules, so if you disable a module then it may disable other ones. You can see which module requires which listed in the new module finder dialog - when you press Ctrl-F in the latest Slicer preview releases.

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