Edit existing segmentation in 3D

Hi everyone,

I have a doubt regarding the segmentation in 3D Slicer.

I am opening a CT (mha) and it’s segmentation for the heart (.nrrd) and I want to edit the segmentation but the only way I can do it is painting slice for slice.

Is there any way to edit an existing segmentation in a similar way as the region growing does (you paint only a slice and the program makes corrections in whole 3D volume)?

If I need to fix every slice in the image it seems very tedious to me.



You have many options for 3D editing, such as:

  • paint effect with sphere brush option enabled, smudge option enabled for automatic segment selection)
  • Scissors effect
  • Smoothing effect with joint smoothing method
  • Shrink segments to small seeds using Margin effect then grow them using Grow from seeds

However, as you have already noticed, “fixing” a segmentation usually takes much longer time than creating a new segmentation from scratch and paying more attention or using better tools.