Elastix extension error in Nightly version of Slicer

Hi all,

I am trying to run the Elastix module in the Nightly version of Slicer. I have installed the Elastix bundle through Slicer’s Extension Manager. However, I receive an error message (below) each time I try registration with Elastix. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Volume registration is started in working directory: /var/folders/83/cwh_fnrj2t35ldgzvlk6_srh0000gp/T/Slicer/Elastix/20171107_140201_188
Register volumes…
Error: Elastix not found

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll investigate this. Until then, you can download and install Elastix package separately and set Slicer to use it (see details here: https://github.com/lassoan/SlicerElastix/issues/2).

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