Slicer elatix cannot be installed


I downloaded the latest nightly version of slicer. I cannot get the sequence registration to work. I ve installed the sequences plug in and 4D elatix.

I am getting an error message saying I need slicer elastix module which cannot be found
Could you pls help


What platform (OS) and slicer version are you using? I installed sequence registration yesterday on nightlies of mac and linux and it worked fine.

@jcfr: the dashboards do indicate a lot of extension issues on the factory machines.

Probably Mac, see

We haven’t had a SlicerElastix on Mac for at least a year. We should at least upload a package for the stable if we cannot fix the factory build.

After a quick search there were unanswered inquiries about the same thing from others, such as

I did my best to investigate then to push the issue, but it’s not resolved as of now.

Hm we actually do have a SlicerElastix package for today’s nightly:

But we seem to have a Windows issue now :slight_smile:

Update: this is the last day it worked, 10 days ago.

the dashboards do indicate a lot of extension issues on the factory machines.

Most of them are compilation errors that could easily be fixed.

Regarding SlicerElastix issues:

cl : Command line error D8021: invalid numeric argument '/Wno-inconsistent-missing-override' [D:\D\P\S-0-E-b\
SlicerElastix-build\elastix-build\CMakeFiles\CMakeTmp\cmTC_381f5.vcxproj] [D:\D\P\S-0-E-b\SlicerElastix-build

          0 Warning(s)
          1 Error(s)

[1] it failed because of server issue. This a known problem and we have path forward, we need resources (aka financial support) to finalize the transition.

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SlicerElastix is available on macOS for both the latest release as well as the nightly build (see above).

Yes I have seen that since then. It’s great news and good to know.

Thanks for catching that Jc - after the commit I was wondering if I needed to make that flag conditional to be mac-only but I couldn’t get any error message from the dashboard. The windows and linux build messages were cryptic and I thought they were unrelated since so many other things were breaking. I guess this is the server issue you refer to?

In any case I can add a check so that the flag is only added on mac.

I think this will fix it.