Elastix extension for Mac OSX not available

I have been trying to install the Elastix extension for Slicer on my Mac, but it is not in the list of available extensions in ‘Extensions Manager’ on both the stable and nightly Slicer releases. On the web address: http://slicer.kitware.com/midas3/slicerappstore it only appears to be available for Windows. Looking at only forum threads, it appears that it has been available for Mac in the past - is there a release version I can download that would support this extension?

Unfortunately Elastix does not build on Mac for a while, see

@jcfr In our previous investigation we found that SlicerElastix builds OK, just the dashboard script identifies warnings as errors. Would it be possible to build it once manually on the factory Mac and at least push the package for the latest 4.10.1 stable?

Note: there is an issue for this on the elastix repo: https://github.com/SuperElastix/elastix/issues/110