Error passing a video to Slicer

Hi all,
I was trying to pass a .mhd+.raw video to Slicer using Plus, but when I try to launch the server in plus, I have the following error: |ERROR|006.998000| Server process error: Crashed| in …\PlusApp\PlusServerLauncher\PlusServerLauncherMainWindow.cxx(435)
|ERROR|006.999000| Server stopped unexpectedly. Return code: -1073741819| in …\PlusApp\PlusServerLauncher\PlusServerLauncherMainWindow.cxx(448)
I attach the .xml file and the .mhd file in two screenshots

I would like to know if there’s an error in the .xml file or in the .mhd file that causes this failure.


Hi Paco,

I think this is a Plus-specific issue, which should be asked there It will have better chance
of getting answered.


Dženan Zukić, PhD, Senior R&D Engineer, Kitware (Carrboro, N.C.)