Error when applying Medial surface in Segment Editor hollow effect (with possible fix)

I get an error when applying medial surface in hollow effect. The offending line is in, line 157:

  kernelSizePixel = [int(kernelSizePixel[0],2), int(kernelSizePixel[1],2), int(kernelSizePixel[2],2)]

The int(…,2) specifies base 2, which doesn’t make sense.

I think this should read:

  kernelSizePixel = [int(kernelSizePixel[0]/2), int(kernelSizePixel[1]/2), int(kernelSizePixel[2]/2)]

I’m happy to submit a pull request if this looks correct.



Yes, please send a pull request. The change has been made by the automatic Python2->Python3 converter script.

Done. Thanks!


I don’t see a pull request here (checked it here