Export RT Structure

I have imported some dicom data ( CT and RT structure) from an other TPS.
I would like to use 3d slicer to create new segment and export this to the TPS.
When i use the module “export to dicom” and export the RT structure, 3d slicer changes some metadata in the file. I don’t more have the possibilitie to import directly the new file in my TPS.
If i can do this, It 's necesseray to export also the new CT created into 3d slicer when i export the RT Structure, to import this CT into my TPS and do a registration to have the possibilitie to copy the new segmentation.
Do you have a solution to solve this problem.

RTStruct export currently creates a whole new study, and you need to export the CT as well.

Hwever, I don’t understand why yo need to do registration. The exported CT is exactly in the same coordinate frame as the CT you imported.