Export Segmentation in DICOM-RT format in ver 5.6.1

Dear everyone,

What I would like to do is export the DICOM CT data using MONAI with segmented regions to her DICOM-RT file. I tried the answer with # Export Segmentation in DICOM-RT format before. However, I received the same error message “Must export the primary anatomical (CT/MR) image” as shown in the figure. .

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 5.6.1
Expected behavior: Export segmentation in DICOM-RT format
Actual operation:

My workflow is as follows.

・ Enter the CT data set.
・Perform segmentation using extended MONAI.
・Right-click study and select Export to dicom.
・Select RT in select export type and execute export.

However, the error shown in the figure occurs.

As answered in # Export Segmentation in DICOM-RT format , segmentation is not placed under the CT, but at the same level as the CT under investigation.
I also have SlicerRT and Quantitative reporting installed.

Could you give me some support?

Thank you so much!

There is no CT in the whole scene, there is only a dose volume (the cube is colored vs all gray). Have you accidentally converted the CT to dose? We don’t have a UI option to convert a dose back to CT, so please load the volume again as CT and try exporting again.