Exporting H.264 or Mpeg-4 or even animated GIF after I animated with SlicerMorph.

I want to export any footage possible now that I’ve completed a SlicerMorph animation moving through a thorax in the axial plane to reveal a pulmonary embolism. It appears to export just fine but there is no file where I specified in the directory. I’m on a mac and may try to do the same on a PC. I haven’t tried rebooting my mac but I did try restarting Slicer to no avail.

Do you mean that export to video (h264, animated gif, etc.) works well on Windows but not on macOS?

Have you installed ffmpeg and specified its location as described in the documentation?

I’ve noticed that you posted this question twice (the other location was here), and it was answered both places, by different people, overall approximately doubling the time that we had to spend with this question. To make sure that everyone’s time is used well, please post only in one place.

My apologies. I’m new to this forum. I posted initially and then found someone else’s post about the same issue and replied seeking a solution. When I return to my office I will try the solutions suggested. I think it will help. Thank you.

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