Exporting Segmentation to OBJ and 3D Viewer

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone,

I’m having a problem exporting the slicers to OBJ file. I believe there is an error in the lighting and transparency settings during the creation of the OBJ file.
When loading the file in the Online 3D Viewer, the 100% opaque parts appear transparent and the transparent ones appear opaque but with very bad lighting. Is there any way to configure these settings before exporting?

I would recommend to use SlicerOpenAnatomy for web viewer export. See detailed instructions here.

If you export in glTF format (supported by 3dviewer.net that you show in your screenshot above) then not just transparency is correct but all segment names and even the hierarchy. See some more information and example in this post:

Example segmentation exported from Slicer: https://3dviewer.net/#model=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lassoan/Test/master/SPL-Abdominal-Atlas.gltf

Hello Andras,

Thanks so much for your fast answare.
For some reason, exporting as gITF does not bring the opacity configurations and segment names.

You need to use the latest Slicer Preview Release.

Thanks a lot Andras!