Extension build error windows (MSCV version not recognized)

The SlicerRadiomics build on windows fails on the configuration step.
From the log it appears that it detects a MSVC_version of 1924, but just after that it states that this version is not found.

That’s because FindVcvars.cmake for the v4.10.2 tag only knows up to Visual Studio 2017 (see here), but the build machine now is using a newer Visual Studio 2019 version hence why it doesn’t know where to find the vcvars for this newer version. The latest Slicer code has an up-to-date version of FindVcvars.cmake (see here).

Thanks for the links! However, I’m still a bit confused, why doesn’t my build system use the latest slicer code? Do I need to set something specific somewhere?

The log that you linked was the nightly build of SlicerRadiomics for the Slicer Stable 4.10.2. That is different from the nightly build of SlicerRadiomics for the Slicer Preview.

Ah thanks. I’ve confirmed the build is succeeding for the Nigthly build.