'Radiomics' not found in Slicer extensions manager


I’ve newly downloaded the nightly-updating version of Slicer and am unable to find the Radiomics extension in the extensions manager. On the web-based archive, I found the extension for an older version of Slicer; however, manual installation via DeveloperToolsForExtensions was unable to install throwing an error “Extension file for wrong platform.” Haven’t been able to find info on what problem this represents, and hoping someone here could help.



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Looks like a python version issue on the windows build.

CUSTOMBUILD : error : scikit-image 0.17.2 has requirement PyWavelets>=1.1.1, but you'll have pywavelets 0.5.2 which is incompatible. [D:\D\P\S-0-E-b\Radiomics-build\python-pyradiomics.vcxproj]


download stable one