Multiple issues with extension builds


(Andrey Fedorov) #1

There are several issues that are new (at least to me):

  • at least some extensions are not listed 3 times (e.g. SlicerElastix is listed only once), which to me means they were not built on all platforms
  • maybe I am mistaken, but I vaguely recall there used to be OS icons indicating the platform used to build specific artifact - those are gone now
  • if inclusion of “clang” is supposed to indicate macOS, then there is only one line in the table that was built on mac (no idea what extension it packages, since it is called " macOS-clang-8.0.0-64bits-QT5.10.0-Release")
  • can someone look at the issue below: - looks like a factory problem?

Centering on a segment from a script
(Andrey Fedorov) #2

Related to this, maybe we should add an entry to FAQ for users updating Slicer installation with a new nightly.

When I do this, I usually over-write my previous nightly. But the problem with this approach is that at the time I do it, I don’t have an easy way to know whether I am “fortunate” to have extensions that I need available in the new nightly. It might be practical to make users aware of this issue, and recommend users to keep their old nightly until they confirm the extensions they need are available.

(Csaba Pinter) #3

Today’s dashboard has a successful DCMQI and QuantitativeReporting build and packages:

I do tend to see the error message sometimes that you posted though.

(James Butler) #4

From another post about similar problems finalizing/uploading the extension: