Extension can't be installed!

Recently, Slicer can’t download the extension from extension manager.

The hint is :
No extensions found for win:64-bit, revision: ‘1c531bd’. Please try a different combination

And my slicer is built on windows with the version of 4.11.0-2020-03-04 r1c531bd.


Please see this response in another thread discussing the need to build your own extensions if you have built your own Slicer for development purposes.

You can also use the following reference about building extensions:

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But I means some other extensions such as SlicerRT, IGT and so on.

I have built the slicer from source but I can’t get all of them.

I still remember I could install the other extensions from “Extension Manager”.

Yes, and you can all the extension by building a single target (as described above). Building all the extensions is really easy after you have already built Slicer.

You might be able to install an extension package built by the official Slicer factory computer into Slicer that you have built yourself, but it would be hard to ensure ABI compatibility between these builds, so this is not recommended.

Thank you very much~

Finally I understand what you mean. However another question is how to install ALL Extension once?

I could build one extension. It is the same with building my own C++ extension. But all the other extension is on the github? Have I need to download them one by one and build them seperately?


After your local Slicer build is completed, you can build all the extensions very easily, as described here.

You should not install all extensions - for similar reasons you should not install all apps available in the app store to your phone. There are just too many extensions, installing all of them would clutter the module list, slow things down, and experimental modules may make the application unstable.