Extension Manager search is not functioning as expected

Search results do not make sense to me.

Agreed. When I go to install the SlicerPathology extension, and bring up the extension wizard, there are 3 slicer pathologies. And 3 ChangeTrackers.

Prior to re-install, I deleted the NA-MIC folder inside of AppData/Roaming. So there was no cached copy there to cause the triplicates.

The fix was – I had to reboot the machine TWICE. The second time I did a hard reboot. So maybe a full shutdown and restart was the answer.

So far we’ve seen this behavior on multiple Windows machines. (And @fedorov it looks like you’re using Mac, right?)


I’ve experienced random slowdowns non-responses, too (progress stuck at 10%, no extensions come up; after restarting Slicer and the extension manager everything worked).

Probably not related to Slicer, as loading the extension manager directly from a browser has similar issues, too.

correct, I am using mac

I’m also seeing severe hangs in the extension manager and the online view.

earlier today for me it hung for quite a while but finally succeeded.

I think there could be 2 separate (or related?) issue:

  1. Search succeeds, but search results are incorrect (this is what I initially reported).
  2. Extension browser hangs or takes very long time to load.

First of all, the filtering was correct. ChangeTracker extension has “pathology” word in its description.
Duplicate listings has been popping up randomly in the last few years (with or without any filtering applied). It’s not nice and it should be fixed, but otherwise harmless.

That’s a new issue and it’s severe. The wait is long enough so that people don’t wait for the result and conclude that Slicer is broken. It should be fixed ASAP. Probably the simplest solution would be to not spend time with determining the latest available version when a specific version is already supplied (or never try to determine latest version but just display a meaningful error message to let the user know what is missing and how to get that information).

Can you explain the presence of CMFreg? Perhaps there is an explanation, but I don’t see any mentioning of “pathology” in the extension metadata. But I don’t know what other sources Extensions Manager is searching. It’s confusing.

Good point. Most likely CMFreg (and all other extensions than ChangeTracker and SlicerPathology) are duplicate items left over from the time when the filtering criteria was still just “pa”.

@jcfr This extension manager hang is very confusing for users. If it’s too difficult to properly fix it then maybe just temporarily revert the latest developments and enable them again once the performance issue is sorted out.

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Behavior should now be back to normal when used within Slicer. Generally speaking, the slow lookup is performed only if needed.

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