Extensions build error: numpy not found

In the SlicerRadiomics extension, PyRadiomics is built as an external dependency. However, in the Linux build, the PyRadiomics build fails, due to “No module named numpy”.

Numpy is needed for de setup of PyRadiomics, as it’s headers are required to build the C-extensions in PyRadiomics.

Should I add a pip command to install this dependency? I thought numpy was already part of the Slicer superbuild, and in such a way it would potentially break things if you try to re-install it.

Numpy should be included in the Slicer superbuild. Have you downloaded the latest Slicer preview on Linux to see if you can import numpy in the python interactor?

I will take a look. Interestingly though, this error only occurs on the 4.10 stable release. The nightly build completes without error.