External GPU to speed up slicer running on an Imac

I wonder whether I can use an external GPU to speed up my Imac when running Slicer. If so, is there some setting to do in Slicer or in my IMac?

A more powerful GPU will help with volume rendering, and maybe viewing of polygonal models and such (depending on how low-grade or high-grade your current CPU is). But it won’t speed up general slicer operations. The best bang-for-the-buck for performance is more RAM (CPU, not GPU).

Unless you’re doing GPU-based machine learning and such, then it’s a different story. But my guess is you’re likely not doing that on a Mac. (Saying that sitting in front of my Mac.)

make that low-grade or high-grade GPU, not CPU.

Thanks a lot for your answer, I got it.
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