Extraction of the centerlines

I would like to extract the centerlines of a vein model that I obtained from the segmentation. When I fix the fiducial points the model of the centerline is empty, in fact if I see the information there is written that the centerline has 0 points. I use the version 4.8.1 of 3D slicer so the vmtk module change from the previous versions and I can’t find tutorial about this topic.
Second question: If I want to import the centerline like a curve in Solidworks, Can I do it? If not, There is a way to record the coordinate x, y, z of the centerline?

Thank you.

I want to use the points in solidworks to recreate a sketch of the curve.

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You can use Extract skeleton module to create a text file (id, x, y, z) file directly from a binary labelmap.

You can use VMTK extension’s Centerline Computation module for more complex shapes (for example for extracting complete vessel trees) or if you prefer to get output as a VTK polydata file.

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I will try with extract skeleton!
Thank you!

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