Hello everybody.
I would love to use your genius ideas and asking for a help.
This is my code for radiomics extraction:

Img,Mask = PyrexReader.Img_Bimask(img_path,rtstruct_path,ROI)

extractorFO = radiomics.firstorder.RadiomicsFirstOrder(Img, Mask)
extractorSF3D = radiomics.shape.RadiomicsShape(Img, Mask)
extractorGLCM = radiomics.glcm.RadiomicsGLCM(Img, Mask)
extractorGLSZM = radiomics.glszm.RadiomicsGLSZM(Img, Mask)
extractorGLRLM = radiomics.glrlm.RadiomicsGLRLM(Img, Mask)
extractorNGTDM = radiomics.ngtdm.RadiomicsNGTDM(Img, Mask)
extractorGLDM = radiomics.gldm.RadiomicsGLDM(Img, Mask)

resultFO = extractorFO.execute()
for key, val in six.iteritems(resultFO):
print(“\t%s: %s” %(key, val))

resultSF3D = extractorSF3D.execute()
for key, val in six.iteritems(resultSF3D):
print(“\t%s: %s” %(key, val))


Laset row in script: extractorGLCM.execute(), writes down a error:
IndexError: arrays used as indices must be of integer (or boolean) type

Would you know how to solve that? What to change in code? When I use it on 10 datasets (CT, RS dicom), it occurs in 5 datasets from 10.

Thank you for any ideas! Tomas, Czech Republic.