Fail to export PET dicom files

Operating system: MacOs 12.2.1
Slicer version: 4.13.0-2021-12-28
Expected behavior: Being able to export a just imported PET Dicom series
Actual behavior: “Creating DICOM files from scalar volume failed”

Hello everbody
I tried the following:

  • Open Slicer
  • Load e PET/CT dicom folder
  • I correctly see the PET image
  • I want to export again in DICOM files that PET image, so I
  • Right click on it
  • “Export to DICOM”
  • Check (without touching anything) that “Modality” is set as “PT”
  • I get the error:

The log gives the following:

PARSE ERROR: Argument: (--modality) Value 'PT' does not meet constraint: CT|MR|NM|US|CR|SC

Does it mean that it is not possible to export PET Dicom files from Slicer?

I Tried to set the field to “NM”, and the export succeeds. But some metadata are lost in the output files, like the “RescaleSlope”…

Thanks in advance!

I run into the same problem, still can not find a solution. Have you sovled this?

No, no solution nor information found :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi everybody
Just to update that I find this issue also in Slicer 5.1.0-2022-07-06
@lassoan Any idea? Thanks