Fast segmentation of roots.

  1. Can you efficiently and effectively segment dental roots?
  2. From a single arch from cbct to stl?
  3. In the range of 20 micron to 100 micron level of exactitude?

Thanks to those who have already posted about this subject. Thanks to Andras Lasso and many others.

However I still struggle to segment roots. I am unable to use some modules displayed in the tutorials I have seen. Maybe they are not available in Mac. I have also tried in windows based slicer unsuccessfully.

What I have been able to achieve is a mesh quite “dirty” that seems to require a lot of extra work sculping and cutting of.

All the info you can provide will be much appreciated.

Can you post a pic of what you’re getting? Have you tried any smoothing tools in the Segment Editor?

So If I go with “Threshold” over it already jumps to select cortical Bone.

You can try Grow with Seeds and paint 2 segments–bone and teeth. I have used it for separating teeth from bone in CBCTs. It might still require some cleanup but might give you better separation than thresholding.