Fastest way of creating surface model?

In my slicer plugin, I need to model the bones and skin in the ROI and make a model. I used @lassoan’s extract skin surface method , But the speed is a bit slow, is there a faster method? In fact, I only need the back surface, is there a faster and more effective method?

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在我开发slicer插件中,需要对ROI中的骨骼和皮肤建模,做出model,我用了@lassoan 的extract skin surface 的方法,可是速度有点慢,有没有更快的方法呢?其实我只需要后表面,有没有更快,更有效的方法呢?

There are many ways to do this. What is the clinical application? How the segmentation will be used? What are your time and accuracy constraints?

I only need, for example, the back surface of the vertebral body. I want to use the Ray Casting function to determine the bone entry point of pedicle puncture.

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我只需要比如椎体的后表面,我想借助Ray Casting函数来确定椎弓根穿刺的入骨点.


I used the method of reducing the volume, and it seems to be effective… Is there a better way? For example, is there a way to make a model in a cylinder?

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If you need intersection point of a line and a surface mesh then you can IntersectWithLine method of cell locators.

To get intersection of a line with a volume, you can compute a line profile (probe the image with a line) using “Line Profile” module in Sandbox extension; or you can implement yourself using vtkProbeFilter. You can then find the intersection point by finding the point where the voxel value goes above a chosen threshold value.

I would recommend to use/extend/customize the PedicleScrewSimulator extension.


Perfect solution, thank you teacher! ! Use vtkProbeFilter

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