Fcsv read performance is low (but not when importing as csv)

I have a fcsv file with 1000 points in it. If I load this into Slicer it takes about couple minutes to import. If I rename it to as csv, strip the first two rows, and load it (as a table), its instantaneous.

I assume the difference is in the creation of the mrml node(s) for fiducials?

Yes, that is probably it. We probably just need to put the scene into batch mode when reading the fcsv. Can you post the example files so we can easily replicate?

Sure. here they are:
csv: https://app.box.com/s/qn8lczlzm81penm0qpgzm9opdp98d7na
fcsv: https://app.box.com/s/x2x6f1m3bxg7mmtpr6te8vfqudpaub90

also it would be good to move text size and glyph size settings into fcsv file as well (there is already visibility setting, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t honored when fcsv is read into the scene).

I was able to reproduce the slow fiducial loading with a Slicer preview from a few weeks ago, but with the current Preview version the fcsv file loads instantly. I suspect the overhaul @lassoan did to change to LPS coordinates also fixed this slowdown. Let us know how it works for you @muratmaga.

Yep, it is working fast for me too with the latest update. I thought you did something :slight_smile:

Thanks @lassoan.