Fibre length measurements

Hi 3Dslicer community

Hoping someone has a solution out there. I have a vtk file with about 300 fibres in it. I need the length of each fibre. Seems a trivial task but I cannot find a solution.

Diffusion>quantify>tractography measurements will give the mean but there are lots of outliers, so its not representative. Need the median.

PS. I have tried the whitematteranalysis as well and cannot get it to work.

Do I need to use a different DTI package?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Operating system:Windows 10
Slicer version:5.02
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Hi @njeffery

You can WMA to do this. Here is the function:

It seems you have tried WMA. Wonder what you meant that you cannot get it to work. Is it an installation problem?