Understanding FiberTractMeasurements output

Hello, I following the WMA tutorial and I have understood all steps except for the last step of tutorial, " 8. Fiber tract diffusion measurements".

I have been able to follow the tutorial and extract the diffusion measurements to the CSV file as per the tutorial (see image)

However I do not understand some of the columns present in the file and I have not found any documentation to specify what they mean.

I understand the following columns:

  • Num_points
  • Num_Fibers
  • Mean_Length
  • HemisphereLocation
  • cluster_idx

But I am unsure of the following and why there are two of the same for some measurements when I assumed there should only be one:

  • FA1
  • FA2
  • Trace1
  • Trace2

Any help in understanding these columns would be greatly appreciated

There are two FA and Trace values because the pipeline uses the 2-tensor option of UKF Tractography.