Fiducial markers from file

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version:4.10
Expected behavior: Attempting to add fiducial markers from FCSV file
Actual behavior: False command
I am trying to import fiducial markers from saved FCSV file to the current image. I have tried this command.

I am getting a false error- Am I specifying the path wrong. I ve no programming knowledge.

Could someone please help.

My fcsv is store in D; FCSV folder and as C.fcsv

Thanks a lot

I can successfully load a .fcsv file on Windows10 using slicer.util.loadMarkupsFiducialList("c:/Users/andra/Documents/F.fcsv"). If you can load the same file using “Add data” dialog then most likely you entered an incorrect path.

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Thank you very much @lassoan This sorted the problem

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