Slicer 4.8.1 - Load Fiducial File

Hi all,
I’m a new developer in 3D Slicer and I’m practicing it. I have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 3D Slicer 4.8.1. I need to load a Fiducial File (.fcsv), an MRI/CT Image (.nii.gz). For this reason I go in the File -> Add Data dialog and I choose the Fiducial File or the Images. The problem is that after nothing happen. Can you tell me what can be the reason?

PS: the Fiducial File is something like this:

# Markups fiducial file version = 4.4
# CoordinateSystem = 0
# columns = id,x,y,z,ow,ox,oy,oz,vis,sel,lock,label,desc,associatedNodeID

Do markup fiducial and volume nodes show up in the Data module?

Looks like you have an unpaired single quote that could cause a problem in your fcsv file (as H’ in the field before the node id)

Some other suggestions:

  • check the error log after loading
  • try loading sample data, add fiducials in Slicer, then save in .nii.gz and .fcsv and confirm that you can reload correctly
    • check what’s different about your data from the data Slicer saves

I’m not sure but I think that my Slicer installation is corrupted since I tryed to install the Slicer Windows edition in my Windows 10 partition and it works good (I can load all files whitout problem).

After this test I uninstalled my Slicer Linux edition (I simply removed the installation directory and then I executed the shell command “rm -f ~/.config/” for reset the configuration). But after a new installation nothing changed.

Please check the error log.