Fiducial setting

Hi everyone,
In the newest nightly version of Slicer, where can I change the color and size of fiducials?

In the “Display” section, near the top of the module.

I’ve moved Display section there (instead of putting it in “Advanced” section near the bottom) to be consistent with all other modules. Do you have any suggestion how to make it easier to find for existing Slicer users? Would just documentation, pictures in Release notes be enough?

@lassoan: Along those new changes, can you explain what absolute button do for fiducial scaling, or how to use it? It didn’t seem to have any effect.

It is only functional in the latest nightly version. See details here.

That works really well. Thank you Andras!

Hi Lasoan,
Thanks for your help, I have found the section. But I think maybe it is better to add an opinion in the menu of right click the Fiducial list.

Color adjustment is already available in the data tree in Data module. We may add size adjustment option there, too (although with the new relative size option this should not be needed as often as in the past).

Another question, what’s the meaning of “absolute” in the glyph size section?

Absolute physical size details are described here.