Fill between slices issue : need help!

I still try to do a liver volumetry (see topic here : Beginner question: liver volumetry).

I succeed two or three times using a simple method :
1- extract liver using totalsegmentator
2- use “draw” tool to define the liver volume I want to extract (simulating a liver resection)
3- use the tool “fill between slices” between slices on which I drew the liver resection

BUT : I have a problem with “fill between slices”

First case : without extracting the liver with totalsegmentator, I draw the liver resection and use “fill between slices”.
I draw the liver resections in “everywhere area”, so I have to be very precise and it’s a bit difficult to do.

By this way, the tool “fill between slices” work well :

What I want to do is :
first, extract the liver using totalsegmentator, to do my liver resection inside the segment “liver”.

Then, draw the liver resections using settings “inside “liver””, because it’s much easier. See details here :

I made two slices, see pic here :

Then, when I want to use the tool “fill between slices”, nothing happens, and I really don’t know why.
I tried to change the settings of the fill between slices tool but it does’nt work, see here :

Do you have an idea ? I really don’t know

Thank you very much !!

One thing you could do is to segment the part that you want to resect before segmenting the liver as you explained in the first part of you post.
Then you segment the liver.
Once you have both segmentation you can do take the intersection to get what you want.

This will allow you to not be as precise when segmenting manually since if you draw outside the liver, the outside part will be deleted when doing the intersection.

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Hey, thanks a lot. You just had the solution !!!
First segment it with cut tool
Use totalsegmentator to extract whole liver
Then use intersect tool as you said, it worked very well !
Thanks again