Full Human & Animal Physiology Data for Disability Accessibility Research/Project Help?

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I got some very limited initial Disability funding (having a Disability myself) which I invested in a Form2 3D Printer to start to create an accurate poseable Armature system to work with other People with Disability, Autism, Mental Health, Even Blindness to use conventional Sculpture in Tandem with Digital & 3D Printing (then Scanning & robotics too), to start to extend into better Digital Arts and STEM Disability Accessibility, Research, and Project (ParaMojo). Thing is I downloaded a 3D Set of an MRI of a whole human ages ago from a Japanese University Project. To now find going through all the individual overly low poly meshes to fix and turn into Quads before taking into Fusion 360 and Zbrush (to add more detail + engineer), I am increasingly hitting more and more parts that simply have far too many non-manifolds and other errors that are beyond fixing, so really need access to data that is more easily converted, or already fixed and has more detail and accuracy from the get-go. (All sources will be Attributed and Credited and all help totally bigged up on social media) Thanks ALL and have a FAB Christmas! Sam :grinning::christmas_tree: