Funding opportunity: "Advances in Artificial Intelligence to Generate AIMI Annotations"

Do you have expertise using AI tools for automated annotation of cancer imaging data?

Put those to work annotating data in NCI Imaging Data Commons and get funding to do this!

See the details at the funding opportunity announcement here:

Quoting the RFP:

The goal of the AI in Medical Imaging (AIMI) initiative is to solicit proposals for curation of derived datasets in the form of advanced machine-generated segmentation of tumor and organ contents of radiology collections, hereafter referred to as AIMI Annotations in the NCI Imaging Data Commons.

Beware of the short timeline for applying (quoted from the RFP page):

  • Vendors Request for Proposal – Up to February 13, 2023; RFP will be distributed upon request
  • Questions Due; February 21 ,2023 at 3:00 PM
  • Proposals Due by March 10, 2023, at 3:00 PM
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Hi Andrey

Thanks for sending this

The timelines don’t fit but always good to know about these things


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Hi Andrey,
This is very interesting, thanks for sharing.
Do you think we can get the advantage of it even by using a Monai app?
The concept is a little bit vague for me.

Hello Mr. Andrey Fedorov, How are you ?

I am Fernanado Saguier, MD Radiologist from Argentina
I am open to work in AIMI !
I had been worked with 3D Slicer,

Look my profile in Linkedin
I attached the CV

Best regards!

(Attachment Fernando Saguier, MD Radiologist (1)-1.pdf is missing)

Thank you for sharing good opportunity.
Is it only open to Canadian, Mexican, and United States industries?

Best regards

To all those asking questions, please note that I am not representing the entity soliciting applications in response to that RFP. The purpose of my post was to simply raise awareness of this RFP. I believe the RFP page has the information about contact email to reach out with any questions.