Fusion of two adjacent parts of the vessel

Hello everyone,

I have the following problem, which I would like to clarify with the help of the attached pictures:

The top picture shows the lumen of the vessel. Two vascular branches branch off in the area of the aneurysm.

If I add the hollow in the required thickness, the walls of the smaller branch fuse with the aneurysm. (Bottom picture) I realize that this cannot be avoided for geometric reasons.

My qustion:

Is there a way to cut / separate the two contact surfaces with the program?
Can I choose a different wall thickness for individual vessel branches?

thank you in advance

You can have different wall thickness in different regions by splitting the vasculature to several parts, growing each of them with different margins, then subtracting the original vessel lumen segment.

You can also slightly bend a side branch away from the aneurysm by slight warping of the image (for example, using Fiducial Registration Wizard module).

However, the closest to reality (mimic vessel walls touching each other but not being fused) may be to print the model as is, and separate the side branch from the aneurysm by cutting with a scalpel.