Gel dosimetry registration step fails

Thank you so much for your help, the slicelet window pops up again. but the problem now is that I can’t perform automatic registration, which used to take only few sec.

It looks like this is perturbing other functions of the gel dosimetry module, because I tried to do registration manually but then when I got to do gamma analysis the software crushed (3 times).

It seems that the extension needs to be updated to be compatible with the latest Slicer version.

Can you please try with an older release? Such as the last stable release?

Unfortunately, in the previous release I was not able to find the SandBox extension.

To do gel dosimetry you need the Gel Dosimetry Analysis extension not Sandbox.

Yes, you’re right but when you want to draw line profiles, you’ll need the Sandbox extension…
It’s okey now the problem was solved in the last release.
Thank you for your answer.

I’m 99% sure that you actually don’t.

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