Generating configuration files in the Autscoper preprocessing module


Could you add some details about your data, which you’re trying to prep for use in Autoscoper?

Details of my files:

Files were originally .avi video files that I converted to .jpg files in FIJI in order to read them into XMA Lab without lag. Originally I had exported them as .jpg files and then converted them to .tiff, but after we spoke I tried exporting the undistorted files directly as .tiffs. I then created a test dataset of only two radiograph images that I edited to be 1260x1260 squares (in Gimp). After editing the Mayacam files to be 1260x1260, I loaded our jury-rigged .cfg file but the images still don’t show up. So I suspect you’re right that important ‘hidden’ data got lost along the way somewhere. I will keep experimenting and let you know if I find anything. The next thing I plan to try is to read the .avi files directly into XMALab and then export undistorted .tiffs from there.

CT data:
CT data was originally a .tiff stack that I read into Slicer.

I segmented the bones directly in Slicer. I created the partial volumes using the Autoscoper pre-processing module. As we saw today, the volume files seem to load just fine when using the jury-rigged .cfg file.

Calibration files:
My calibration files are Mayacam 2.0 files as .txt files exported from XMALab.