Google drive issue

I use google drive for backing up my data, however it won’t let me save files or export files directly to the google drive folder which is allocated as a standard folder in Microsoft explorer. Any solutions? Or is it a feature that could be added?

I guess you are trying to use “Drive File Stream”. I haven’t had a chance to try why/how it fails with Slicer, as I don’t have access to a gsuite account, so I can only offer a few workarounds:

  • copy files from the virtual cloud drive to a real local drive
  • use Google’s “Backup and sync” client instead
  • use OneDrive, DropBox, or other cloud storage services that make remote files appear as regular local files

@jcfr @pieper Could you please check? Is it common that third-party applications cannot access Google’s “Drive File Stream” drive?

I do not use the “Drive File Stream” on my workstation and i don’t think it is available on Linux.

@pieper if you are not using it, I could check with our system administrators if that feature is available.

I use Google backup and sync, however whenever I export to it it says it completed the export but the files never appear in the folder. When I export to desktop it works flawlessly.