Google Searches

(Bill Lorensen) #1

Will google searches for slicer questions find information in these forums?

Google did find info from the slicer-devel list (via nabble).

(Andras Lasso) #2

Yes, of course! Some pages are indexed already, but if posts don’t show up well in a few weeks then we should do something about it.

@ihnorton, have you used Google Search Console? Should we register there?

(Isaiah Norton) #3

I have not used it, but I just registered this site now – verified via google analytics account, and added you and Steve as owners (couldn’t add Jc for some reason, will try again later).

They don’t have any data processed for this site, so I don’t see much to do there yet.

(Andras Lasso) #4

I’ve checked Google indexing status ( for and there is a steep decline since January. Most probably because google is phasing out http and prefers https.

@ihnorton, could you please try to grant access to my gmail user ( to Google indexing status for https site as well? Thank you!

(Steve Pieper) #5

Any idea why they don’t find the https version of this site?

(Andras Lasso) #6

I think they index the https version of the site, but I only have access to the http site indexing status and not to the https site.

(Steve Pieper) #7

Good to try to fix this - from a spot check I only get discourse results from google if I include the word discourse in the search terms.

(Isaiah Norton) #8

Ok, done. I also tried adding the https site to google search console myself, but it doesn’t show up in the list yet. Maybe it needs time to aggregate.

(Andras Lasso) #9

Thank you. I don’t see any hits for https either. Let’s wait a bit to see if it’ll start working by itself.