Notes on Discourse setup


  • decide on/configure contact email (rarely needed but good to have) (posted in Staff)
  • research Google OAuth endpoint that can be controlled by group?(posted details in Staff)
  • move GitHub OAuth endpoint to Slicer org
  • find/make a better horizontal logo, “3DSlicer” is too small in the current one.
  • consider/test whether we can use inbound email support with – for muscle memory posting seamlessly. Responses would pass through discoursemail domain, and users could eventually log in and fully configure the automatic shadow account. (I think this would be too complicated. Let’s try without first)

Points of contact:

  • simply @discourse (note that @-name will ping user, just like GitHub. Use backticks to avoid ping!).

OAuth config is very simple:

Well done @ihnorton :thumbsup:

I didn’t have issue to sign up using GitHub. That said, when I first tried using google email, it failed. The screenshot below illustrate the issue.

Additionally, the authorization for GitHub is not associated with a Slicer logo but with @ihnorton handle. Is there a way to change it to @slicer (@slicerbot) or something like this ?

Here the failed one from Google:

And here is the one from GitHub where we can see the missing Slicer logo:

I’ve signed up using github and indeed it is very confusing that I have to give permission to my github account personally to Isaiah. Slicerbot or similar would be good.

@jcfr I requested to transfer the github oauth application to the Slicer org. Google is fixed, though I’m not sure yet if we can move it to a group-control (it’s on the list).

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Great, thank you.

I like the current logo, but maybe we can switch to the horizontal logo, available at:

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By default there is a large pinned message (Questions and comments are welcome here! (about usage, coding – or bugs)
PLEASE NOTE: any data shared/linked on this site must be anonymized…).
I find it too big (and took some time to realize I can remove it with the X button) and not all information is relevant here.
Could you move the note about not include any patient data to the text that is displayed when you first post a message? Also, this note on patient data should go to a some permanent page that explains rule of what/how to post.

I added you Jc Steve to admin group, feel free to make changes (just don’t break login :grinning:). I’ll be out until tonight and can make these changes later otherwise.

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Great job @ihnorton!

Can we configure the colors for the topics? I would choose something more lively than black, brown and light brown!

I can change the colors. Do you have any specific suggestion for colors?

I don’t. R-G-B? I don’t know if we need a deep thought into it, just a bit more lively.

Integration with github issues works!

Just a test:

I’ve changed the colors to more lively ones.

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For that “Slicer look” we could use the generic anatomy colors.