Groups’instructions PDF is not inconsistent with the slicersalt’s option bar

according the Groups instruction,first run rigid alignment,but on the Slicer salt"input model directory”shows as picture 1,requiring time-regressed shapes.however the instruction( picture2)show "input model directory”choose the SPHARM.vtk model,which one is correct? thanks


can anyone help me?thank you very much

I think the first is for non-linear regisrration and the second one for rigif registration

Others wirh more experience in Salt would be able to help more

thank you for your prompt reply,the instruction can’t help me. if i use the SPHARM.vtk model in the“input model Directory”when i run rigid alignment it failed :cry:

Maybe @Connor-Bowley can help?

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@Jared_Vicory do you have any insight on this?

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@lili-yu22: The information in the tutorial slides is correct: the Input Models Directory should be a directory with SPHARM vtk files.

It looks like the tooltips in the module are wrong and should be fixed. We should also add some sample data for this module so users can see what the folder structure should be.

thank you for your reply. I have other questions to consult you.

  1. When i use the orther module "Rigidalignment "(picture1),the first option bar shows the tip"template sphere model”,but I don’t know how to import the data,because there is not any button.
    2.the module "Rigidalignment "is not the same function with “SPHARM PDM Correspondence Improvement ”?
    thank you very much.

I’m very confused :face_exhaling:
I tried many times on the Rigidalignment module,the python interactor always show can’t find rigidalignmentmeta data,i tried unstall the extension “SPHARM”,used another way to install(first download the package,install from the file)but the “module finder” still show RigidalignmentModule module is not loaded
please help me

can the module contributors @Ilwoo Lyu give me help?sincere thanks

Hi! Sorry for the delay in replying.

The tool tips are wrong, and they are being updated. We will push a change very soon cc. @Jared_Vicory

Thanks for reporting the problem.

thank you very much for your reply,I’m looking forward to it