SPHARM PDM Correspondence improvement

Slicer salt3.0,windows10
when I use“ spharm-pdm correspondence improvement ”the python show "OSError:Invalid argument:“C://users//…//2022—06—16T11:51:18.762701.csv”.
the input models directory: i use the*SPHARM.vtk.
the input fiducial files directory :i use the makeup model to define the landmark on the "SPHARM.vtk"model
Common unit sphere directory:i use only one “para.vtk”file
can anyone tell me what’s wrong,thank you

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Hello everyone.

I am facing the same issue - unfortunately.
Currently, I am using SlicerSALT software version 3.0.0-2022 - GUI. Operating system: Windows 10

I have already generated the correspondence for all shapes; however, further improvement to the correspondence is needed before running “Covariant significant testing” and “Population Analysis” modules.

After uploading the required material into the SPHARM PDM Correspondence improvement module [I got no response - and no error message].

The material uploaded into the "SPHARM PDM Correspondence improvement" module include:

*Input models directory*: all models with *SPHARM.vtk extension.
*Input fiducial files directory*: I used the markeup module along with ALPACA module to automate the process of generating of landmarks for "SPHARM.vtk" models in my sample. The landmark files was saved as (.FCSV file).
*Common unit sphere directory*:I used one of the “para.vtk” file generated after running the SPHARM-PDM generator module.

It will be helpful if someone can share with us his knowledge regarding this pipeline, and how to correct it.

Thanks in advance.

@Connor-Bowley could you please take a look into this problem? Thank you!

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I will look into this, but I may not have something until next week.


Thanks for your prompt response @bpaniagua and @Connor-Bowley.

Still looking into this, but I noticed the tutorial wasn’t linked properly. There is a tutorial here that may be of some use.

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I have found and fixed a couple problems with this module on Windows and am working to get the fixes into the mainline SlicerSALT build.

Next steps (for me):

  1. Pull request into RigidAlignment: Run on windows by Connor-Bowley · Pull Request #8 · NIRALUser/RigidAlignment · GitHub
  2. Open a pull request into GROUPS with the branch GitHub - Connor-Bowley/GROUPS at run-on-windows, updated to to include the RigidAlignment change
  3. Open a pull request into SlicerSALT with the updates from above.

Thanks for your informative feedback @Connor-Bowley.

Additionally, I also noticed that “Correspondance Improvment” section in the SHARM-PDM Generator module is not working properly even after uploading the required material !

We will be able to proceed with our data processing - using SlicerSALT modules - in Windows - once these issues is fixed. Hopefully soon.

Thanks again for your hard work.

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I opened the following pull request into the SlicerSALT repo that should fix this problem.

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This issue should be fixed in SlicerSALT-3.0.0-2022-09-16 which can be downloaded by going to Download • SlicerSALT, clicking Visit Girder -> Nightly -> SlicerSALT-3.0.0-2022-09-16-win-amd64.exe. Please try it out and let me know if you are still having problems.