Grow from seeds error - minimum 2 visible segments required

Hello! I am measuring tumor volume, segmenting the inside and background separately and using the “grow from seed” function. However, when I try to use “grow from seed” again after filling in the completed volume where there were gaps, I encounter the following error. I would appreciate advice on how to resolve this issue.

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I cannot reproduce the issue. Please share a screen capture video or describe every click you make.

I uploaded my capture video.
this video is little bit different situation.
but still same error message with the grow from seed function.

Thanks for the video. It nicely shows how the error occurs in the end, but I still cannot reproduce this if I perform these steps starting from a segmentation that I create. You might have performed some extra steps that triggered this issue.

Could you please upload a video that shows all the steps, starting with launching Slicer, loading a sample data set, … ending with the error displayed?

When I started recording again from the beginning, the issue did not occur again.


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I do have same issue with you. How did you fix it?

Please try to reproduce it with the latest Slicer Preview Release. If you can reproduce the problem then please provide step-by-step instructions that we can follow.

If we can reproduce the issue then we can immediately fix it, but without sufficiently detailed instructions we cannot even investigate the problem.