Seed Grow Segmentation tool

Is it possible to ‘rerun’ the seed grow tool on a segment? That is to say, I ran a seed grow and got a pretty good 3d image, but some sections did not ‘grow’ as they should. IF I go back into the editor and add more seeds into these areas (using paint for example) and rerun the seed grow, it does not seem to add any more to the segment based on the new seeds.

ANy thoughts??

thank you

After Grow From Seeds “Apply” and having a result that does not satisfy you, you could press “Undo last editing operation”


and “initialize” Grow from seeds again. This would use your previous seeds. Then add some paint strokes where the segmentation needs them.

The other thing you could do is:

Clear the “outer” bordering segment, which is usually disabled after pressing “Apply” in “Grow from seeds”.

Then paint a new outer border segment:

and press “Initialize” again. Do your modifications by adding additional paint strokes.